Oligovax preclinical and pharmaceutical research is based on a strong scientific expertise network within the Paris Descartes University (Paris V) and the AP/HP:

The Assistance Publique - Hpitaux de Paris, the larger hospital complex in Europe, has been the promoter of all the trials conducted by Oligovax.
Moreover, its central Pharmacy, AGEPS, is responsible for drug release and supply. Pr Antoine Carpentier is head of the neurological department in the Saint-Louis Hospital, which belongs to the AP/HP hospital network.
Oligovax preclinical research programs are conducted in the Laboratoire Recherches Bio-Chirurgicales, affiliated to the Universit Paris Descartes Paris V, within the Hpital Europen George Pompidou research center.
PEVIA - Pan-Ebola Vaccine Innovative Approach - is a collaborative research program funded by Innovative Medicine Initiatives (IMI) in which Oligovax is a partner.


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